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Adult Chairs

Malawian 2 seater.jpg

Malawian Seater
Qty: 1

White Tiffany Chair.jpg

White Tiffany Chair
Qty: 150

White Flower Velvet.jpg

Cream Velvet Flower
Qty: 1

Flower Wicker Chair
Qty: 1

Ghost Chair
Qty: 150

Ghost Chair.jpg
Replica Chair.jpg

Replica Eames Chair
Qty: 150

White Malawian Chair.jpg

Malawian Chair White
Qty: 5

Peacock chair.jpg

Peacock Chair
Qty: 2

Pink Chair.jpg

Pink Chair
Qty: 2


Wooden table12.jpg

Wooden Table
Qty: 10

Plinth Table.jpg

Plinth Table
Qty: 10


A-Frame Table
Qty: 10

Boho Wicker.jpg

Boho Wicker
Qty: 1

Brown Malawian Chair.jpg

Malawian Chair Brown
Qty: 5

Glass Table
Qty: 10

Cocktail Tables & Chairs

Cocktail Table.jpg

Cocktail Table
Qty: 20

White cocktail table
Qty: 20

White Cocktail Table.jpg
Black Cocktail Table.jpg

Black cocktail table
Qty: 20

Cocktail Chair.jpg

Cocktail Chair
Qty: 20

***All furniture pieces are subject to availability***

For more information on our prices, please feel free to download our catalogue below.

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